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If you are looking for a
  • buyer or a lessee, continue below

Getting started 

a. There might be buyer or lessee that is already looking for your property. See > Shop or and scroll down to the "REQUIREMENTS" section to see if there any match your property.

b. If letter "a" yields no results please continue with steps below

Step 1: Gather the following documents

a. Owner valid government ID e.g. Passport

b. Title of the property

c. Tax declaration

Step 2: Review these terms and conditions which apply to all our listing agreements

See the section "For Sellers or Lessors" in Terms and Conditions

Step 3: Complete our Listing Agreement Form

This form helps to

a. identify the property and it's encumbrances or liens

b. identify the owner/s of the property

c. identify the terms of the real estate service provided

d. allow me to properly represent the owner/s and the property to buyers/lessees.

e. limit the scope of work

Click to complete the >>> LISTING AGREEMENT FORM <<<

Step 4: Prepare for marketing the property prepare the following and send it to me using the same email thread.

a. Relative documents pertaining to your property which include title, tax declaration, latest real property tax receipt, latest association dues receipts, certificate of non-tenancy, lot plan, vicinity map, write ups or marketing done in the past

b. Pictures / Videos of the property

c. Relative documents pertaining to the owners and. attorney in fact: copy of passport with 3 specimen signatures, Relevant Special Power of Attorney (SPA) documents.

d. Letter authorizing access to the property to the property management group. And advise us times and days viewings are permitted so that we may visit the property to get a better understanding of the property also. Advise us if you will provide us with a key or other arrangement.

e. Letter authorizing us to work with the Local Government Unit, Property Management Group or Admin, BIR to secure copies of documents on your behalf.

Step 5: Marketing

I market your property on various platforms and my network and as such may receive various inquiries.

I will filter and communicate / register with you ONLY clients that have close to matching requirements and are serious so as not to waste your time. 

Step 5: Property Viewing

Step 6: Follow-up and Closing

I will closely guide you in this process should we get to this stage.

Other questions?