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Welcome! Let me help you find a buyer or tenant for your property!

I have prepared a listing agreement request form which helps to:

a. Allow me to represent you (owner/s and the property) for your privacy to buyers/lessees, government agencies, and other stakeholders.

b. Identify the property, its encumbrances or liens and the owner/s of the property. This will help me market the property and qualify the incoming requests versus the property.

c. Identify the terms of the real estate service provided and limit the scope of work that can be done

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Important notes:

1. If there is some information not on hand at the moment needed to fill up the form you may place "to follow" in the form field. Some documents you may need to fill-up the form below would be information found on the property title, tax declaration and your valid government ID.

2. Review these terms and conditions which apply to all our listing agreements. See the section "For Sellers or Lessors" in Terms and Conditions

3. You may expect a reply up to 48 hours after submitting a request.

If you are ready,

Click to submit a >>> LISTING AGREEMENT REQUEST FORM <<<

While Waiting

To be a step ahead while the listing agreement is being reviewed and finalized, it is best to prepare soft copies of all the following so you will be ready to send when requested.

a. Relative documents pertaining to your property which include title, tax declaration, latest real property tax receipt, latest association dues receipts, certificate of non-tenancy, lot plan, vicinity map, write ups or marketing done in the past

b. Pictures / Videos of the property

c. Relative documents pertaining to the owners and. attorney in fact: copy of passport with 3 specimen signatures, Relevant Special Power of Attorney (SPA) documents.

d. Letter authorizing access to the property to the property management group. And advise us times and days viewings are permitted so that we may visit the property to get a better understanding of the property also. Advise us if you will provide us with a key or other arrangement.

e. Letter authorizing us to work with the Local Government Unit, Property Management Group or Admin, BIR to secure copies of documents on your behalf.


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