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If you are looking for a property, you sure have come to the right place.

I have prepared a requirement gathering service request form which helps to:

a. Allow me to represent you for your privacy to sellers, landlords and other stakeholders.

b. Identify your clear requirements. This will help me clearly market your requirements and qualify the incoming offers before offering a property to you.

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Important notes:

a. I work with various developers (not an all-inclusive list) for pre-selling and ready for occupancy properties, and co-brokers and my network for pre-owned or resale properties. So I can search for options depending on what you may need. It is critical to define your requirements so that we can fast track finding the property that's ideal for you.

b. Do help to be clear on your specific requirements given the type of property you are looking for. Links below to more specific details on requirements.

Properties in our inventory include the following: House and Lots (Pros and ConsRequirements),  Condominiums (Pros and Cons , Requirements)Commercial SpacesOffice Space, Land for development, Malls, Hotels, Casinos, Buildings, Beach Front, School, Hospitals, Islands, Lots, Foreclosed properties, Preselling properties, Vacant LotsPublic Storage or Self Storage, Foreclosed, Commercial

c. Review these terms and conditions which apply to all the SERVICE AGREEMENTS. See the section "For Buyers or Lessees" in Terms and Conditions

If you are ready,


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