NA-For Sale 4 Bedroom House and Lot 280 sqm at BF Homes Paranaque (6679)

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For Sale
House and Lot
BF Homes Paranaque
4 Bedroom
3 Toilet and Bath
Maids room with Toilet and Bath
3-4 car garage
Lot area 280 sqm
Floor area 250 sqm
Asking: P15.5M
GA-Listing ID: 6679


The property is in a subdivision that is well guarded and well maintained.

This house and lot is composed of a garage, the main house, an annex building, maids quarters and a hallway the connects them all. The house gates face west and slightly north.

The garage can accommodate three to four cars and is partially covered. The garage is flanked clockwise by the gate to the property, the main house, the annex building, and a neighboring wall. The main house and the annex building is separated by a hallway that leads back to the service area and maids quarters.

The main house has two entrances. One is at the garage and the other in the back hallway.

Entering the main house via the garage entrance, you are led into the living room.

The living room, counterclockwise from the main entrance door, has room windows facing the garage, windows facing the front hallway, a bar counter, stairs to the second floor, a powder room and finally the entry door into the dining room.

The dining room, counterclockwiseise from the entrance door from the living room, has a pantry or storage closet, a wash area, a door to the kitchen, and windows facing the garage and hallway to the annex building.

The kitchen, counterclockwise from the entrance door from the dining room, has a marble top kitchen counter and cabinets, a door to the outside, and windows facing the hallway and annex building.

The second floor leads into a hallway. The hallway, counterclockwise from the hallway entrance, has lots of shelving and cabinets, a common bathroom, windows to the back of the property, doors to two bedrooms, and windows to the front of the property.

The second-floor bedroom closest to the hallway entrance, counterclockwise from the entrance door, has a wall with the adjoining room, windows on two sides facing the front and side of the house and the wrap around balcony.

The other second-floor bedroom, counterclockwise from the entrance, has windows facing the back and the side of the house, and door access to the wrap around balcony that wraps around the 2 bedrooms.

Right across from the exit door of the kitchen is the entrance door to the maid's quarters.

Entering the maid's quarters, it consists of a series of spaces starting with a bedroom that leads into a utility area that then leads into a toilet and bath.

Note the outside service area in the hallway is adjacent to both the maids quarters, the back of the property and the annex building.

The annex building has two entrances. One in the hallway from the garage and one at the 2nd floor using the stairway from the same hallway from the garage.

Entering the annex building via the ground floor you get into the living room.

The annex building living room, counterclockwise, has a wash sink, a door to a bedroom, and windows facing the garage.

The annex building ground floor bedroom, counterclockwise, has a toilet and bath, stairs to the second floor, and closet space.

The annex building second-floor bedroom, counterclockwise from the entrance, has windows facing the garage and the main house and maids quarters, an exit door and closet space.

The annex building second-floor bedroom exit door leads to you the wrap around balcony and private access to the ground floor hallway.

Location map

Paranaque City History

Where ParaƱaque got its name – Palanyag

There are several accounts as to how the City of ParaƱaque got its name.

One such story stated that long ago, at the mouth of what is now known as the ParaƱaque River, there stood a balete tree that, when viewed from afar, looked like a majestic ship. This earned it the name Palanyag, taken from the term ‘palayag’, which means “point of navigation”.

Another version of the story was that, before the Spanish colonizers came to the Philippines, there were some natives who lived close to the Manila Bay whose main livelihood was fishing or paglalayag. On the other hand, the neighboring place from the east called Muntinglupa had rice farmers who were referred to as taga-Palayan. One day, the fishermen and rice farmers had a feast and many got drunk from tuba or fermented coconut wine. One farmer suggested that they should name the whole place Palayan as a sign of cooperation and good will between them. However, a fisherman protested and stated that they should name it Palalayag instead. As a compromise, they agreed to merge these two words and came up with Palalanyag. However, another drunken guest shouted, “Mabuhay ang Palanyag at ang mga taga-Palanyag!” The rest liked this word better and ever since then, the place was called Palanyag.

In another story handed down to generations, when the Philippines was conquered by the Spaniards, some soldiers riding a horse-drawn carriage asked to be taken to a certain place. However, the coachman did not understand the Spanish soldier’s pronunciation. When they arrived, one of the soldiers said, “Para aqui, Para aqui” meaning, “Stop here, stop here.” The coachman did not understand and kept going whereas the soldier also repeated his instruction, “Para aqui, Para aqui”. The coachman left the carriage and told the townspeople that, “These Spaniards are repeatedly saying para aniya ake… para aniya ake” to which the townspeople just laughed. The incident circulated and was repeated around for days and the term para aniya ake stuck.

Source: Baybay, D. F. & Marquez-De Guzman, A. (2001). Palanyag to ParaƱaque: A History. City of ParaƱaque.

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Map of Paranaque City below

Barangay BF History

The largest barangay in the City of ParaƱaque was created by virtue of P.D. No. 1320 signed by the President Ferdinand E. Marcos last April 30, 1978. It consist of 16 executive residential subdivisions and has achieved a closer supervision for the execution of its development programs. Its creation as a barangay redound greatly to the upliftment of the socio-economic well-being of its residents.

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Barangay BF Map below

Nearby the Property

Nearby major roads include Dr Arcadio Santos Avenue, South Super Highway / Skyway and Alabang-Zapote Road

Nearby commercial establishments include President's avenue, Pergola Mall, SM City BF Paranaque, Jaka Plaza

Nearby schools include Southville International School, Manresa School, Veritas Parocial School, APEC Schools, PAREF Southridge, Learning Garden Montessori School, Madison Galeries Lifestyle Mall, Robinson's Place Las Pinas and City Walk.

Nearby churches include Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, Iglesia Ni Cristo, Our Lady of Grace Parish, and Presentation of the Child Jesus.

Nearby hospitals include Medical Center Paranaque, South Superhighway Medical Center and Hillside General Hospital