Registry of Deeds Conversion of Manual Titles to E-Title - M

So you have heard about converting your existing manual title to an eTitle or e-Title? Well the Land Registration Authority of the Philippines (LRA) has a program called the Voluntary Title Standardization Program.

What is the Voluntary Title Standardization Program?

As per the LRA website - "The Land Registration Authority has been implementing the Voluntary Title Standardization Program. It provides title owners the option to upgrade manually-issued titles to “eTitles”, which are issued by LRA’s new Computerized System.

LRA’s Computerized System was developed as part of the agency’s Land Titling Computerization Project, which aims, among others, to:

1. Maintain on-line information on titles that is current, complete and accurate.

2. Maintain the security and integrity of records by safeguarding these from tampering or destruction and deter substitution or insertion of questionable data, in paper or digital form; and

3. Provide a system of timely detection and identification of fake land titles which will assist in the identification of persons responsible therefore."

What is the difference between an Title and an e-Title?

To save you time and effort a video was put together to explain what an etitle is vs a manual title, and the benefits of converting.

Please see the animated video found on this page of the Land Registration Authority Website

What you need to file

a) original owner duplicate title/s
b) 1 application form per title
c) supporting documents called out by the application form

What you need to pay

Fee of 1k pesos more or less per title

Where to file

Registry of Deeds of jurisdiction where title was issued

Is there a deadline?

I called the Registry of Deeds and there is no existing deadline as of this article! If you hear something else it's hearsay.