Want to lease commercial ground floor space 200 sqm floor area in Metro Manila (6179)

GA-Listing ID: 6179
Details: Want to Lease
Existing structure/commercial space or vacant lot (for long term and minimal rent).
For commercial space, minimum of 150 to 180 to 200 sqm floor area, all ground floor preferred, with wide frontage that will allow 4-5 parking slots for exclusive and free use.
For vacant lot, area that will accommodate constructing a structure with 200 sqm floor area and 150-200 sqm parking area. Regular shaped lot is more acceptable.
Locations: Makati, Mandaluyong, Manila, Pasay, Pasig, ParaƱaque, Quezon City, San Juan
Need: Floor area, indicative rent, photo of vicinity/map, blow up plan and photos
Budget: FMV, Best offer