Want Hotels for Property Management Contract (6085)

GA-Listing ID: 6085
Want Hotels for Property Management Contract
1. Locations: Metro Manila, NCR.
2. Building: Existing Building is a current target or under-construction (preferaly not greenfield)
3. Hotel Licenses: Holding a proper license and building permit as hotel
4. Fire Safety: Proper fire safety configurations such as with of corridor, fire staircase, etc.
5. Status of building: New building with small renovation or old building with co-investment with owner.
6. Number of rooms: 70-150 rooms
7. Size of room: Relatively large to realize the concept to let 4 people stay in one room. At least 20 sqm or more, Ideally 25-30 sqm, No unit with 2 or more bedrooms.
8. F&B space: Space for cafe and kids play area at the ground floor
9. Common spaces: Minimum to realize the concept of a limited service hotel. Preferably, there is no meeting room, function room, gym, swimming pool, etc.
10. Environment and accessibility: Family and female friendly environment with easy access from main road.
11. Term: 10-20 years