Pay your real property Taxes and Association Dues - Yes it's that time of the year again! - M

Hey guys just a reminder from your friendly neighborhood broker!

It's that time of year already since the holidays are around the corner that you don't want to forget paying stuff before the hustle and bustle! Last thing you need are surcharges, penalties for late payment, interest where applied, your property tagged as delinquent in tax payment and ultimately if ever your property sold at an auction!

Pay your real property taxes early and get a discount! 

Discounts may vary per Local Government Unit (LGU) for paying early. Either go to the city hall real property tax department or the other option is if they provide it is call City hall and ask them if they will be setting up satellite offices to accept payments at the local barangay hall.

Please also note, deadlines for payment may vary also per LGU! So best to call and ask!

Pay your association dues and get a discount!

From development to development the association may have some early payment discount scheme! Give the association and call and check what schemes they have! Again do pay early!