Manila to auction 22-hectare lot over P1-billion unpaid tax arrears

Hey guys make sure to pay your real property taxes!

Excerpt below from the original article.

Estrada said the city was constrained to initiate the move in order to recover the unpaid real-estate taxes totaling P1,096,661,596.73, or at least make use of the lot to house informal settlers.
“Either way, the city will have to take possession of the property as mandated under the law,” the Manila mayor pointed out.
“May this also serve as a warning to delinquent taxpayers,” Estrada added.

How to pay?

Bring you previous real property tax receipt or if you can't find it then your tax declaration too the real property tax department of your respective city hall. In Makati City Hall it's the tallest building's 2nd floor you have to go to.

If you don't have either document you maybe required to request for a tax declaration at the City Assessor's department also found in the City Hall.

Original Article Courtesy of the Business Mirror