For Sale 1-3 Bedrooms at Uptown Parksuites, Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig (5552)

Listing ID: 5552
For Sale
Location: Uptown Parksuites Tower 2, Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig
Resale Units
Estimate turnover 2018 Last Quarter to 2019

1 BR x 25 units
Unit areas: 41.5, 63.5, 81 sqm
Asking: 7M+ to 14M+
Terms: 2M+ to 3M+ Cash down, Assume balance

2 BR x 19 units
Unit area: 90 sqm
Asking: 15M+ to 16M+
Terms: 4M+ Cash down, Assume balance

3 BR x 2 units
Unit area: 131 sqm
Asking: 25M+
Terms: 6M+ Cash down, Assume balance

For account of seller: Assignment Fee & Broker Commission