Barangay Pio Del Pilar Makati


Barangay Pio del Pilar is one of the seven (7) barangays comprising the Westside Cluster or Cluster 2 in the first district of Makati. It has a land area of 0.8809 square kilometers which is 3.2% share to the City’s total land area. Based on the 2010 Census of population released by the National Statistics Office, Pio del Pilar has a percentage share of 5.1% or 27,035 versus the City’s population with a density of 31 persons per 1,000 square meters.

Pio del Pilar is bounded by Barangays San Isidro and San Antonio in the north, Barangays Bangkal and San Lorenzo in the south, Barangay San Lorenzo in the east and Pasay City in the west.

One of the major means of transportation in Barangay Pio del Pilar is the Pasay Road Station of the Philippine National Railways. Other recognized structures located in the barangay include Pio del Pilar Elementary School, Koliseyum ng Bayan, Don Bosco Parish Church, Waltermart and Citimotors.

Predominant land use of barangay Pio del Pilar is commercial which can be seen through wide arrays of business establishments such as banks, gas stations, restaurants, apartelles, hotels and drug stores among others.


Pio del Pilar, formerly known as Culi-Culi was once a vast rice field where fruit trees and vegetables abound. It was not a horse ranch but there were more than a hundred horses used to service calesas or karitelas which was the main transportation then.

It was renamed Pio del Pilar after the hero, General Pio del Pilar, who was a resident of the place, through the effort of Atty. Ponciano Binay on June 1962.

Formerly a red light district, Pio del Pilar was developed into one of the most prestigious and progressive barangays.


Predominant Economic Activities
Banks, gas stations, restaurants, flower shops, boutiques, retailer stores, convenience stores, garments, barber shops, car dealers, auto parts, supermarket, food chains, inns, apartelles, hotels, beauty salons and spa, laundry shops, information technology, real estate, law and architectural firm, construction, medical clinic, water refilling station, printing press, drug stores, computer books and food products.

Major Business Establishments
Metrobank, Allied bank, Herald Suites, NTT Hotel, International Inn, Dela Rosa Square, Wilcon Builders Depot, Citimotors, St. Patrick Commercial, Waltermart, VIP Suites, Bergamo, 7-11 Store, Oriental Garden Suites, Export Bank Plaza, Cityland Condominiums, St. Illian's Inn, Petron, Caltex and Goldilocks, Banco De Oro, BPI, Epoch Building, AVON, One Santillan, International Inn, Petron, Caltex and Goldilocks, Banco De Oro.

Major Source of Household Income
Office employees, call center agents, business entrepreneurs, teachers and doctors


Barangay Boundaries
North: San Isidro / San Antonio
South: Bangkal / San Lorenzo
East: San Lorenzo
West: Pasay City

Street Boundaries 
North: Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. to west end line of South Super Highway
South: Dallas St.
East: Don Chino Roces Ave.
West: Tripa de Gallina Creek

Physical Attributes
Slope Characteristics: Broad area of level to nearly level land
Physiography: Fomer tidal flat
Flood Intensity: High flood frequency
Earthquake Risk: Moderate to High
Total Land Area: 0.8809 square kilometers
Existing Land Use: Commercial areas in Pio del Pilar are concentrated from P. Medina towards Pasong Tamo and along Washington St. South Super Highway, Evangelista and Arnaiz Ave. (formerly Pasay Road) are also commercial areas

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