10 Great Tips to Prepare for Viewing Property - M

So your first time to go on a property viewing? Here are some tips to ensure a smooth as silk viewing =)

  1. Provide your broker with clear and specific requirements - The more requirements you provide the more your broker will be able to filter the listings out there and the ones that don't meet the requirements are not added to the viewing like magic! hahaha. I added this in preparing for a viewing cause if you have last minute requirements this can save you time so that you need not view the properties that don't fit the criteria.
  2. Inform your broker about the start time and end time of viewing that works with your schedule. What does this mean?
    1. Start time - Time when you are meeting at rendezvous point designated by the broker sharp and on time =)
    2. End time - Time when you will most likely have to go to another appointment or when you fancy you have had enough viewings for the day =)
  3. Get the right critical few people at the viewing - Decide on who are the important people who have to be with you during the viewing. Make sure they are with you at the viewing so that you wont have to go another round of viewing again. Inform the broker how many you are so that arrangements can be made.
  4. Provide vehicle information for entry if needed - Do provide where needed full name and license plate number of the ones driving so easy to prepare entry for parking or security guards checkpoints.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the rendezvous point - Typically a rendezvous point will be designated. Please check google maps a day before so you are familiar with the rendezvous point is located. You may also use waze. If you are unfamiliar do advise you broker so that he/she can provide you with a map of sorts.
  6. Charge your mobile phone - Some coordination is needed when in a convoy of cars. Also for cases where you get lost keeping your mobile phone charged ensures a hassle free continuous communication. Last thing you need is getting lost in a village where you have no way to contact the other party.
  7. Prepare your note pad or checklist - Take notes of the property.Warning there are cases where you get the urge to take pictures of the property but please ask permission first. Many cases where personal effects are still in the property and owners don't want them exposed or owners have strict rules about not photographing property since they don't the property to be publicly exposed.
  8. Bring an umbrella and a drink - Keep safe from rain or extreme sunlight. A small one will do especially those automatic ones so it will be easy to open and pack-up. Also a bottle of water will keep you hydrated from all the walking.
  9. Tape measure - For more precise people bring a tape measure just so certain things will fit in the new property, or have requirements for frontage, or if you are particular of measurements. I bring a tape measure for my clients to use all the time.
  10. Plan ahead to be on time - depending on the number of properties, a lot of coordination has gone in background working with the owners, other brokers, security, caretakers. So please be on time for the viewing. Delays will cause a rippling effect down the queue.

It's always good to prepare before a viewing to save you time, effort and money.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. If you are looking for property: