5 Great things about the Legazpi Sunday Market

So you are free on a Sunday morning or lunch time and got nothing to do? Need to get your groceries done? Want to make new friends or meet neighbors? Or maybe you are a foodie and want to try out new dishes? Or maybe you need a bite to eat after running in the park? or need a break from the indoors? Well head on down to the Legazpi Market!


5 Great things about the Legazpi Sunday Market

1. Lots of seating space - there have a lot of table that are covered in this red table cloth for anyone to use. Don't be shy ask if chairs are being used, share a table, make new friends. Tables have tents erected to protect you from the sun. After eating please be kind enough to clean up after. There are trash can's located around the area.

2. Fresh goods - get fresh goods at various stalls be it vegetables, meat, fish etc. Though the stalls give you plastic bags, etc. do bring your bayong or bag as well in case you really buy a lot of stuff. 

3. Variety of drinks - there are lots of options for drinks such as sugar cane, juices, shakes and yes even beer!

4. Freshly cooked food right before your eyes - there are a number of stalls that cook food right before your eyes so you know you get the freshest ingredients and well you might learn a thing or two in cooking.

5. Home and Fashion - there is whole section on home and fashion most of which are locally made products

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