NA-Commercial space 113 or 114 sqm along Buendia Makati For Lease and Sale (4133)

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GA-Listing ID: 4133
For Lease an Sale
Commercial Space
Location: Buendia Makati
Price: Php 26M or 50M (227 sqm) combined
Property Type: Commercial
Approximate Floor Area: 227 sqm more or less (113 or 114 sqm units)

What's great about these units

  • Near Ayala and Mall of Asia Area, Along Buendia, Transport Oriented and Heavy Commercial Traffic Area 
  • Status: Ready for Occupancy / Move-In
  • FULLY FITTED with painted walls, tiles, ceiling
  • 24/7 Security, CCTV Cameras outside and inside, with Amenities and Elevator

Units available

Note: Sizes are More or Less (Estimate)

  • For Sale Unit: G04 - 114 SQM and G05 - 113 SQM
  • For Sale Price Range: 26M or 50M (227 SQM) combined 
  • For Rent Unit: G04 - 114 SQM and G05 - 113 SQM


  • Association Dues is at 172 Pesos per SQM, Tax Inclusive 
  • 6 Months Deposit and 6 Months Advance (Negotiable but with Adjustment to Rental Rate)
  • Provide PDC's or Post Dated Checks for All Monthly Payments and Valid ID's
  • Preferably - 3 to 5 Years lock in Period 
  • Available Parking is at 4,000 Pesos per Month, 40 Pesos for first 3 Hours and then 10 Pesos per succeeding Hour, Overnight Rate is 150 Pesos, Tax inclusive