Real estate trends, outlook for 2017

"The growth of the real estate industry is expected to be sustained this year, on the back of a robust Philippine economy." - original article,  Real estate trends, outlook for 2017By:  - @inquirerdotnet

Great takeaways for me:

  • OFWs still not a completely tapped market
  • Robustness of the real estate industry is brought about by the 
    • continued growth of the knowledge process outsourcing industry
    • infrastructure spending of the Duterte Administration
  • Millennials have overtaken in size the baby boomers and is a key target market to focus on to meet real estate needs
  • Suggestions:
    • For people with extra income and want to invest then a condotel would be a good option in real estate. If looking for a condotel, as of this post I have the following
    • For people primarily looking for a place to live in, lots of developers and projects are available with various amenities, so good for people to shop to compare and determine what suits their needs. As well as review the different promo/payment terms available.