Tips on Renewing Your Business Permit

Given business permit renewal can be done either quarterly or yearly, it seems most do it annually. As such, there are so many people at City Hall processing their business permits. There are people in line from law firms or accounting forms or other firms that offer their services to help in processing this for you. So I see people processing multiple business permits. But if you are one of the few brave souls out there, here are some tips. Enjoy reading.

Tips on renewing your business permit

  1. Make sure you have the latest process in hand. The Local Government Unit typically have processes on the wall or brochures. It would be good to pick one up. See the image in the post for Makati City Hall's requirements and their process. Also ask around for the deadline for the annual or quarterly processing depending on how frequent you will renew.

  2. Photo copy and print relevant items needed in the list of requirements. - Documents that need to be submitted are all photocopies. Keep the originals always at hand in case you need to show them. There are usually a lot of photocopy sari-sari stores nearby in case you didn't photocopy the documents before going to city hall. Note requirements may change based if applying, renewing, retiring the business permit as well as the type of business if it is under DTI or SEC.

  3. Depending on the need the following are just nearby for annual business permit renewal: *Notary public, *Barangay clearance, Sanitary Permit, Fire inspection, *Cedula or Residence Certificate, *Insurance (make sure you get this authenticated as well in city hall cause there are so many accredited insurance agencies), *Business Association fees if any. Items with the star are items that you will need to pay for.

  4. If someone else will process for you better make the appropriate authorization letter. Depending on the type of business if it were under DTI or SEC the appropriate signature needed on the authorization letter. For DTI then the person identified as the single proprietor.  For corporations, signature from one of the board of directors as identified by the Articles of Incorporation papers.

  5. Make sure to have enough money - So you think you have to pay one time big time? Nope along the way you have to pay for some of the items mentioned in item #2. Note that depending on the LGU they may post posters around on the cost of things for transparency. But in any case they always give a receipt for everything except photocopying item or notary public.

  6. If you are not sure where to queue ask the support staff. There are lots of staff around to help out. The guards and info desk at the entrance if if there is one. People guiding others to fall in line in the appropriate queue. Don't hesitate to ask where to fall in line next after you finish one sub-process step. They typically don't inform you since they assume more people know the process already. City hall at times may hire on-the-job-trainees to help out and may not have been trained well in the process so be quick to check if you were given the right forms, falling in line in the right queues.

  7. Claiming your business permit - when claiming your business permit, it's not as easy as just turn in the stub to claim it. You are actually claiming the initial papers that you submitted and finishing a couple of more steps like payment for the permit, secure a few photo copies and more stamps from other departments. Just be patient until you reach the end and they call out your name to pick up your actual business permit.

  8. There are senior citizen lanes - If you have a senior citizen friend/relative or you are a senior citizen, going through the queues will be a breeze.If you are not a senior citizen it is good to have another person with you falling in line in the next queue. =)

  9. Bring a folder or clear book to organize and keep all your documents together before and after processing your permit. Last thing you need is to lose a specific document that you might need in processing your permit.

  10. Please keep all your belongings together in front of you at all times.There are literally hundreds of people going in and out of city hall. Do not leave belongings unattended.