Tips on How to Pay Your Real Property Taxes - M

Growing up all my parents ever taught me when it comes to real estate is to pay your taxes. Glad to say over the years the process to pay has improved considerably. I have heard some problems from other people paying, but just to be able to taper a bit the rough edges here are a couple of tips to make it as pain free as possible. Cheers by the way to Barangay San Lorenzo! It is was pretty straight forward and more improved than last year, but there is still room for improvement

Tips on How to Pay Your Real Property Taxes

  1. Read announcements - depending on where you live and how active the local government is you may get announcements about dates when and where payments can be done. Feel free to call the local city hall assessor office for the schedule of payment of real property tax (RPT).
  2. Before going make sure to dig out and bring with you the following
    1. your last assessment (white paper) and official receipt (blue and white paper)
    2. review the receipts last paid thoroughly for the amounts paid last year and total them so that you have a figure of how much to roughly prepare for payment
    3. Prepare the money you need to pay
  3. Ask for a queue number - if they issue numbers do get one.
  4. Do have a seat - if there are a lot of people do have a seat. They used to have people do "musical chairs" for the queues last year. So if they are doing this be friendly and ask which queue and who is at the tail end =) If they are giving numbers out you can just sit anywhere but prefer to sit nearby counters so that you can hear the numbers being called out.
  5. Observe the stations - there are typically 2 queues that you have to deal with. One for Assessment where they print out what you have to pay for. And then one for payment where you pay either in check or cash.
  6. Ask what number they are on depending on the queue you are lining up for - sometimes the person behind the computer keeps on saying "next" assuming people sitting down will talk to each other and sequence each other. This is not the case. I had to call this out to the attention of the supervisor.
  7. As the assessment queue present your documents. You will then receive new assessment sheets (white paper) and your original documents will be returned to you. You may review the assessment sheets and depending on how early you pay the discount is reflected in the sheet. You may now proceed to the payment queue.
  8. At the payment queue present the assessment sheets and payment. You will receive the assessment sheets back stapled with the official receipts as well as any change that is due you. And That's it!
  9. Oh I noticed a senior citizen lane! So if you are a senior citizen do take advantage of this!
  10. So say you missed the special satellite locations for paying your taxes nearby then you can by all means go to the city hall assessors office to pay. Call them ahead to ask for the schedule of payments and what times they open and their cutoff times.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

- Great Ancheta
your friendly neighborhood broker in Makati =)

Thanks for the additional tips from those below

  1. Ms Tess Lora - "In addition, u may ask if u can advance d next 2 yrs' paymt. Last dec, far Tagaytay allowed me to pay for 2017& 2018, wd d 10% disc for early payment. Early payment discount may be 10% to 20% depending on d lgu". "paying real estate taxes is very pleasurable now: lgu staff are courteously smiling, many wd free coffee pa (Las Pinas). They finally realize taxpayers are important people."