Top Questions on HLURB Accreditation Renewal

Received a number of calls cause of the post I made on HLURB accreditation and renewal. I decided to make a follow up post to address the questions that I have been receiving in hopes to guide the rest. Thanks for reading my post by the way. =)

Top questions

  1. How to get the lifetime cash bond?
    1. Go to HLURB records section and inform them that you want to lifetime cash bond
    2. They will give you a payment slip 
    3. Bring the payment slip to the HLURB cashier along with Php5,000 cash 
    4. They will give you a receipt back
    5. Photo copy the receipt and present back to the records department so that they can process your sticker for your HLURB ID

  2. Where do I get the year to year bond instead of the HLURB cash bond?
    1. There are various insurance agencies that provide a surety bond.
    2. The ones that I have seen are the one's outside PRC like Mr. Bond or Centennial Insurance. There are others out there so be sure to canvas if you have the time

  3. What is the penalty in case I don't make the deadline?
    1. Actually I don't want to reach this stage but in case your are in this bucket do give them a call. Check out the phone number of the records department and ask them. See phone number in the HLURB website or the direct number in my previous post

  4. I didn't get my HLURB Certificate of registration before or ID. What should I do?
    1. Do give HLURB a call and ask what the requirements are if ever see phone number in my previous post

  5. If I get the HLURB cash bond I don't have to go to HLURB yearly?
    1. Sad to say you still need to go yearly to pay the processing fee to get a new sticker for your ID.

  6. I renewed my HLURB accreditation. They don't give me a new certificate?
    1. I asked and they said they don't give a new certificate. What they only provide is an updated sticker on the ID originally provided to you.