Getting Accredited or Maintaining Accreditation with Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB)

Getting your Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) accreditation or renewal maybe a daunting task but if you just follow the following quick tips, it should be painless. =)

Why is it important to accredit or renew with HLURB?

Simply put as a broker if you want to sell projects from developers you need to accredit with HLURB.

Video as of 1/28/18

When to apply or renew

Apply anytime. But for renewal do review November or December of the previous year for the following year or else some penalty will apply.

Before going prepare the following

  1. application form from website- yes you have to fill this up also for renewal, there is a tick box for renewal. Note follow requirements also listed on the application form as this form may be more updated
  2. Photo ID - 1 pc for renewal, 2 for new application form
  3. PRC ID photocopy - orignal and photocopy
  4. HLURB ID - original (for renewal they will stick a new sticker)
  5. Bond
    1. HLURB offers a lifetime cash bond option for Php5,000.00 (for renewal photocopy of the official receipt that you paid before)
    2. Other companies that offer a bond at various other prices (check with HLURB via their contact information below which insurance agencies are accepted)
  6. Money
    1. Some spare change to photocopy stuff in case you need to
    2. Php 720 - registration / renewal fee yearly
    3. Php 50 - for id (new issuance or in case you lose your ID replacement fee)
    4. Php 200 - surcharge for late renewal
    5. Php XXX - depending on bond type you will get (see below)
  7. PRC certificate of registration - original and photocopy
  8. HLURB certificate of accreditation - original and photocopy
  9. Before going make sure they are open! Contact number in the last section of this post.

Getting to HLURB

Note: Steps 3 to 5 can be completed using the tricycles right on Panay avenue 
  1. MRT1 to the Quezon Ave MRT station get out 
  2. Left turn on EDSA
  3. Left turn on Panay Avenue
  4. Right turn on Sgt. Esguerra Avenue
  5. Left turn on Quezon Avenue
  6. You will arrive at Sunnymead IT Center on your left (BPI and Starbucks ground floor)
  7. Proceed into the walkway between Starbucks and the Sunnymead IT center driveway
  8. Turn left at the corner
  9. Turn right at the end
  10. Turn left to enter the building
  11. Mention to the guard you are going to HLURB for Broker Accreditation/Renewal
  12. Proceed to the elevators to get to the 6th Floor
  13. At the 6th Floor mention to the guard you need Broker Accreditation/Renewal
  14. Proceed to the open passageway immediately to the left of the guard 
  15. Approach the Records counter with your documents

Some tips while at HLURB

  1. Photocopy machine is near the cashier also at the 6th floor, 2 pesos per copy
  2. They have application/renewal forms also that you pay 2 pesos if you need a copy
  3. While at the 6th floor they have a table there that you can use to prepare your docs or fill up the application form
  4. Seats available while you wait for your sticker to be updated
  5. Be kind and courteous to the people at HLURB =)

Great reference links

If you have more questions or inputs

Contact me. Happy application or renewal!