Top 5 Supermarkets in Makati

When I was a kid I would always look forward to supermarket days. The whole family would drive up to the supermarket and my Mom and Dad would always somehow get that ideal parking spot right in front cause we knew the guard etc. I always felt uneasy about it hahahaha. There was a time when I shoplifted candy.  I promise that I did it just once hhehehehe. Gone are those days but it's great living in Makati since you have a variety of supermarkets to choose from. Some are just a drive away and some are just walking distance depending on where you live in Makati. Almost all supermarkets have taxi queues in case you need a ride home.

My favorite Top 5 Supermarkets

  1. Cash and Carry - Found in Palanan Village Makati, this was the ultimate supermarket my family used to go to when I was a kid! A mall area was added after their renovation.They have ample parking space via the open air parking space and a parking structure outside.

  2. Waltermart Supermarket - Found in the corner of Chino Roces and Arnaiz Avenue, this supermarket is now managed by SM. Prices here are for some reason much higher than other supermarkets. But it's location is convenient for those living in that are which is in the outskirts of the Makati CBD. There is a parking entrance on Arnaiz Avenue as well as on Chino Roces. Do mind the one way streets here. The only two way street is the section of Chino Roces from Arnaiz to Buendia.

  3. Rustan's Supermarket - Found in Ayala Center, this super market has satellite versions which they call Rustan's Fresh found for example in Greenbelt 1. Generally prices of most goods here are more expensive as they carry a number of unique items. I once saw an ostrich egg for sale here! Rustan's doesn't have any parking of it's own but do use the parking structures found around the location.

  4. SM Makati Supermarket - SM Makati has gone through a number of renovations. Including the supermarket which used to be found on the ground floor and is now found in the basement together with a food hall. Prices of SM goods seem to be higher than some other supermarkets but what's great about the supermarket is it's right beside the Ayala MRT and it has a departments store to get what ever else you may need when going home. SM Makati doesn't have any parking of it's own but you may park in the underground or parking buildings nearby.

  5. Landmark Supermarket - This is my absolute favorite supermarket! They have so much goods, wondering how they fit all of it there and pricing is pretty good. I used to shop at Cash and Carry before with family but after finding out that most goods that I get prices are cheaper at Landmark then I switched. Parking is such a breeze since you can park in Glorietta basement one and there is an entrance to Landmark in the basement also. The checkout counters are pretty efficient since there are 3 rows of checkout counters! So many! Then whether before or after doing your grocery they have a food court with a wide variety of suppliers to choose from.