Top 5 Makati Shopping Malls

Shopping Mall
Shopping Mall
    I have always enjoy watching a movie, catching dinner, hanging with friends or checking out the latest in gadgets in the shopping malls or department stores in Makati. Here is my run down of Makati shopping malls that I frequent.

    Top 5 Makati Shopping Malls That I Frequent

    • Greenbelt 1-5: A mall that has received awards for mall design.  It has a lot of shops, restaurants, bars, movie theaters and a supermarket. Place is great for hanging out with friends late into the night. I usually catch a movie here or hangout with friends at the bars or restaurants. There is a park and church at the center. Basement Parking exists for Greenbelt 2-5, Parking Building/Structure for Greenbelt 1/2, and Podium Parking for Greenbelt 2. So what I usually go for in each of the wings? Greenbelt 1: Rustan's fresh grocery, Bookstore, Restaurants most of which are fast food; Greenbelt 2: Take your pick! Lots of Restaurants both indoor and alfresco! Greenbelt 3: Movies and Restaurants; Greenbelt 4: Mostly high end shops; Greenbelt 5: Shops and Lots of Restaurants both indoor and Alfresco.

      • Glorietta: A series of malls composed of malls 5 malls. The 5th mall is a stand alone (there is an underpass that connects G1-G4 to G5. G5 is a stand alone mall of the Glorietta series of malls, has restaurants and some clothes and specialty shops, there is an underpass hat connects G5 to the rest of Glorietta. There is an activity center in the middle where events are held. I choose this mall in case I can't get what I need in Greenbelt be it a movie or other item. If movie schedules don't work for Greenbelt, I usually head over here instead. G4 is where the movie theaters are. Though this mall doesn't have a supermarket, it is attached to The Landmark Department Store which has a great supermarket. Lots of basement parking.

      • Makati Cinema Square: People also call this place by it's acronym MCS. This is the place to get movies be it on DVD or in your hard drive, buy or sell mobile goods. This mall has seen better days. I see this place as the mini Greenhills of Makati. Limited basement parking.

      • Waltermart Makati: I frequent this mall to do some grocery shopping, eat at some of their restaurants. They have just a few stores and their own department store so for shopping. This place is near Little Tokyo another place that's great for Japanese Food. Waltermart has parking accessible via Chino Roces Avenue as well as Arnaiz Avenue (note: these two roads are one way roads).

      • Power Plant Mall: basement level is great to hangout for dinner or do the groceries at Rustan's Fresh. The upper levels are great for shopping and movies. Though it's in a different area than Ayala Center. I usually go here when I need a change of scenery. Basement parking is available.

      Which malls do you frequent?