Get to know Ayala Avenue

Growing up I have seen the transformation of Ayala Avenue from low rise buildings to a number of skyscrapers with offices that run 24/7 due to the ever growing BPO / Call center Industry. Sometimes known as the Wallstreet of Makati, Ayala Avenue is one of the major arteries that cuts across the Makati Commercial Business District. See below tips if you are walking down from Metropolitan Avenue to EDSA.

Ayala Avenue from Metropolitan Avenue to EDSA Tips

  • Legend: 
    • D - department store, 
    • F - food
    • H - hotel, 
    • M - mall, 
    • O - office, 
    • P - parking, 
    • R - residential, 
    • S - supermarket, 
    • >>> - notable places since nearby, 
    • Major cross roads in bold
  • Ayala Avenue from Metropolitan Avenue down to EDSA
    • Metropolitan Avenue
    • Makati Firestation
    • Makati Post Office - given the advent of email the amount of traffic here has greatly lessened. I would come here form time to time to receive parcels. Just make sure to bring cash to pay customs and be ready to see your package openned up =)
    • Alphaland Makati Place (R) - got the opportunity to checkout this place and they have a large City Club with lots of amenties even including a hyperbaric chamber! Lots of the elements in their units are automated/smart.
    • The Columns Ayala Avenue (R)
    • Buendia Avenue
    • Makati Medical Center (>>>, F) - was born here =)
    • Salcedo St
    • Various commercial buildings
    • PB Com Tower (O) - tallest building in the Philippines
    • Various Banks
    • Paseo De Roxas
    • Ayala Tower One (O)
    • Ayala Triangle Gardens (>>>, F)
    • Makati Stock Exchange (O)
    • Parking (P0 - outdoor parking
    • Ayala Museum (>>>) - best place to get in touch with Philippine history
    • Greenbelt (>>>, M, S, F) - multiawarded for mall design, this mall has a lot of shops, restaurants, bars, movie theatres and a whole lot more.
    • Makati Avenue
    • Makati Shangri-la Manila (H) - amazing lobby, great chinese restaurant as well as restaurant for buffet called Circles. 
    • Peninsula Manila (H) - fabulous lobby and great lobby food and drinks, there are live performers seranading. They also have a great Thai restaurant
    • 6750 (P, O) - home to Microsoft Philippines and other companies, the Starbucks on the ground floor has always been a good place to chill out.
    • Discovery Primea (H)
    • Parking (P) - out door multilevel parking structure
    • Landmark (>>>, D, S) - personally they have a great foodcourt and a good supermarket with big selection of goods at the basement. 
    • Ansons (>>>, D, F) - good for electronic goods or household appliances
    • Glorietta (M, F) - big mall composed of malls 1-4, the 5th is a stand alone (there is an underpass that connectes G1-4 to G5.
    • Glorietta 5 (M, F) - stand alone mall of the Glorietta series of malls, has restaurants and some clothes and speciality shops, there is an underpasst hat connects G5 to the rest of Glorietta.
    • Rustans (D, S, F) - luxury department store, has been there forever, all the big name brands are here
    • SM (>>>, M, S, F) - recently rennovated they have food stalls and a supermarket downstairs
    • Ayala MRT (>>>) - The MRT runs north going outside of Makati to Mandaluyong, Pasig, San Juan, and all the way to Quezon City North EDSA station and other MRT phases. The MRT runs also south and terminates at Taft Avenue station which connects to the Light Rail Transit Taft Station
    • EDSA


  • Money
    • from Makati Avenue to Metropolitan Avenue: go into one of the banks. There are a lot of banks! They have ATM or at your convenience you may change or withdraw over the counter. 
    • from Makati Avenue to EDSA: your best bet is to go into the malls and look for a money changer or an ATM, or if you are in one of the hotels and can't wait to change money approach the front desk but usually rates in hotels are not good.
    • Money changer - my personal favorite is Sanry's Money Changer they usually have the best rate, they are found in the malls. 
    • ATM - make sure your credit card or ATM is activated if you are from another country
  • Food 
    • from Makati Avenue to Metropolitan Avenue: until lately there are now a lot of restaurants dotting the ground floor areas of the tall buildings on Ayala Avenue from McDonald's, Jollibee, NorthPark, Starbucks as well as other well known local resturants.
    • from Makati Avenue to EDSA - best to go inside the Malls or Hotels, Supermarkets are inside Landmark, SM, Rustans.
  • Clothing 
    • from Makati Avenue to Metropolitan Avenue: the area is lined with restaurants and offices. Head off Ayala Avenue to the Malls instead for clothing. 
    • from Makati Avenue to EDSA: The malls with access from Ayala Avenue include the following from EDSA - Glorietta 5, Rustan's, Glorietta, 6750
  • Transport 
    • Buses - a lot of buses ply on Ayala Avenue just make sure to check where the buses are going. Check out
    • Jeeps - for Php 7 only you can get around Ayala Avenue. Check out 
    • Walking - Let's exercise! Walk on Ayala Avenue or chose to walk on the elevated walkway on Dela Rosa Street which runs parallel to Ayala Avenue in the Makati Avenue to Salcedo St. section. Make sure to bring an umbrella during rainy season Check out
    • Driving - Ayala avenue is a two way street fortunately. Suggest you use when driving. Also there are islands separating lanes of traffic so make sure to stick to the lane you are driving. There are also some pedestrians using the super small crossings that you need to watch out for. If you turn in to Legaspi Village or Salcedo Village be mindful of the one way signs in those areas.
    • Parking - Unfortunately there is no curb parking on Ayala Avenue. There are however parking structures/buildings, open air parking and underground parking around the area such as parking struture beside Rustan's, 6750,  hotels, as well as parking inside Legaspi or Salcedo village. Parking is indeed a challenge so typically I recommend using Uber =)


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