Property prices on the rise – BSP

This a good sign ? For investors would think so . Know people who want to purchase preselling property before price increase Hehehehe. But in any case purchasing land is always good since no depreciation and usually appreciates due to its limited availability. :-) anyway check out the article below

Property prices on the rise – BSP

Property prices went up by 11.3 percent in the second quarter this year, higher than the previous quarter’s 9.4 percent, but the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas assured that there is no sign of asset bubble.

Based on the BSP’s residential real estate price index (RREPI), the second report since its maiden release in June this year, the index rose to 122.8 versus 110.3 in the same period in 2015.

The BSP has maintained that while property prices are on the rise, the increase is matched with demand for real estate across the country. As a monitoring tool, RREPI gives valuable information in assessing the property market and as early warning signs for asset price bubbles.


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